About Me

My name is Wilson Wu, a.k.a. WW. Born in Nanjing, China, living in Singapore, Singapore.

Married, two kids – one girl and one boy.

I am a software developer, I like writing code. Fortunately enough I make a living by it too.

I work in finance industry, and am working for an investment bank, where I learned a lot about trading/risk related knowledge. They are not some useful real-life skills but quite interesting to learn.

I like classic, pop and rock music. I used to play piano well, but later on switched to computer keyboard instead and become a programmer.

I like baking and cooking. I had quite a few baking/cooking related posts in my old blogs but they cannot be found now. I blame downtownhost for losing it.

My recent hobby is growing herbs. And I just managed to germinate some Shiso seeds and my recent accomplishment is killed trying to rescue some seedlings. Ahh…